Ladies Wings

Empowering through Religious Education

The Ladies Wings initiative aims to address the challenge faced by many family men who, due to work commitments and fatigue, struggle to find time to educate their children about religion. Recognizing the pivotal role of mothers in imparting knowledge, the Ladies Wings was established to empower women with religious education. By equipping mothers with this knowledge, they can effectively educate their children at home.

Structured Learning and Engagement

The World Islamic Network (WIN) plays a crucial role in this endeavor by organizing Islamic classes for girls twice a week. These classes provide a structured learning environment, ensuring consistent and comprehensive religious education. In addition to regular classes, WIN hosts speech and quiz competitions, encouraging girls to engage actively with their religious studies and rewarding their achievements with prizes.

A Rich Resource for Continuous Learning

Further supporting this educational mission, WIN has established an exclusive library and reading room for ladies and children. This library boasts an extensive collection of over 3,000 books in English, Urdu, Gujarati, and Arabic. The diverse range of materials available caters to varied linguistic and educational needs, fostering a love for reading and continuous learning among women and children. Through these efforts, Ladies Wings is dedicated to nurturing knowledgeable and confident future generations.

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