Usool -e- Deen

Salamun Alaikum viewers,

This book ‘The Roots of Religion’, was first translated from Persian to Urdu by Noor-e-lslam, Imambada, Faizabad, (U.P.), in the year 1404 A.H. (1984. A.D.) under the title “Usool-e-Deen”.
Now with the Grace of Almighty, and the blessings of the grandson of the Holy Prophet of Islam (S.A.W.W.), the only surviving and Living Divine Hujjat from the Ahle-Bait (A.S.) Imam-e-Asr (A.T.F.S) (Peace be on all of them),

Alhamdolillah now on same Roots of Religion book from beginning Lesson No.1 to Lesson No.30. an Aalim will explain the Lessons after listening and reading the Lesson, Person can appear for objective type of Questionnaire in English, Hindi or Urdu.

Prize distribution ceremony - Adl & Nabuwat
Prize distribution ceremony - Tauheed
Prize Announcement - Imamat & Qayamat
1st Prize   1) Firoz Ismail
2nd Prize 2) Irfan Ahmed
3rd prize  3) Arbaz Sayed
Grand Prize Winner
Sayed Farough –

A Trip to Karbala

The Roots of Religion - Questionnaire