Assallanuallikum Imran Bhai,

I wrote to Samana, how come you replied!!
Thank you do much.
Because of time difference and the 2 year grandson and second baby Inshallah shortly coming, I am not able to catch up all the programme on schedule, so asked.
Amazed to see such quick response.
May Allah bless you and your full team in abundance, Ameen
Inshallah very soon you too become father in-law followed by grandfather,
Salma Zaveri On Tuesday, 17 May 2016,

Congratulate channel win

Assalamualikum Imran bhai,
Alhamdulillah day by day your channel is improving, it's so nice with the minimum resources you and your team is able to do quite good, may Allah's blessings be on all of you always, Aameen
Inshallah in September I will come to mumbai, would like to surely meet you and your team.

Till then,
Salma Zaveri Thursday 18 August 2016

Child abuse programme.

Salamun Alaykum,
It is a very good talk. May Allah s.w.t. accept your efforts.
I like to request you to repeat this program again.
And if possible update this program with different arenas.
Appreciate you all.
Thank you.
Sayed Mohammed Ali Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Excellent performance by Syed Innama Rizvi

Masha Allah, I would be proud to fwd this video to all my friends, Muslims & Non Muslims.
(Muhammad Fuad)
Muhammad . Mon, Aug 15, 2016

Child abuse feedback - from pakistan

Salaam to all the admins.

The programme on child abuse was very informative and created a huge awareness.

It should be telecast regularly so that the message reaches to the entire globe.

Channel win is doing a great job. May Allah reward it's management and keep their niyaat 'Fi sabillillah'.


Karachi Pakistan
Muhammed Jawad Tue, Aug 16, 2016

Feedback of the book "Let us understand each other"


I visited the WIN office at Dongri and i was given the book "Let us understand each other". I must say a wonderful book, Alhumdulillah i finished reading it and even forwarded it another of my relative. Is there any other book which i am suppose to read after this?

I want to know, can i get more copies of this book? i would like to distribute it to my relatives and friends. If you want i can pay for it as well.

Also i have few questions regarding khums and tawassul, is it possible i can visit WIN and some counselor can sit with me and guide me through?

Imran Qureshi Mon, Jul 25, 2016

About ur program azadi ya taqleed

Dear sir it was fantastic talk show for the qaum. I think it is very important to organise such kind of talk shows to maintain our young blood on track. It is very good initiative taken by you I appreciate it and I pray to god ba waste aale mohammad that your win channel progresses day by day.. Wassalam
Shozab Hasnain Sun, Jul 10, 2016

Subject: Bahot khoob

As salaam alaykum.
Aapka programme masael khawateen mujhe bahot pasand hai.sis farah jafri ke episodes subanallah.jabse meine ramzan mei unke episode dekhe mujhe bahot acha laga.itni kam umr mei sis farah ke paas bahot ilm hai.meine kabhi email nahi kiya wintv ko.lekin khaas inka programme dekhkar aysa laga ki aaplogo ko email karna zaruri hai.itna acha programme ladies ke liye start kiye hai.mei win tv ko shukriya kehti hu.behan samana ko bhi.aur is programme ko chaar chand lagane waali sister farah jafri ko mei dilse dua deti hu.unhe allah kamyaab kare.
Firdous meer 2016-06-10


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