Masha Allah !!!!! It beyond expressions ......My salam and salute to this brave heared Doctor- Sabiha ...... she is real hero ...... win channel is not a fantasy channel...... it's spiritual and inpirational channel ...... Hats off to U & channel Win
Moin Sheikh

Salamun aliakum

I was seeing the interview of Dr. Roshan Jawad. Mashallah good work by this Doctor.
Ali Parekh - Pune

Salam Today's episode of meri kahani meri zabani was excellent. it was indeed a very motivational story ..... May Almighty reward ur whole team for your efforts to bring up such bitter truth of life in such a beautiful and motivating manner......Jazakallah

Salamun Alaikum

24 MArch na MERi KAHANI MERI ZUBANI Sajid Rizvi ke saath program dekh ker ham sab log bahot khush hue. Dr. Roshan Jahan Shiekh aur unke mom-dada ko Allah umr bhar salamat rakhe aur unki family ko unki khusiyaan dekhna naseeb kaein, ilahi aameen

Aliraza nathani & Family
Aliraza nathani & Family

Salamun Aleykum

Sajid Rizvi

Ajka episode "Meri Kahani meri Zabani Dr. Roshan Sheikh" boht hi accha tha....Allah aapko isi tarah tarakki dete rahe aur aap aise hi logon ko motivate karte raho.......Mashaalllah zindabad

Sadiq Punjani - Pune
Sadiq Punjani - Pune


We are viewing your channel from 2015 and this show since last year. Today's episode on Dr. Roshan Sheikh a disabled girl having a lot of courage inspired also make us feel proud on your muslim community. Thanks a lot for your efforts. we try to send little help from our side every 3 months.

Vadodara Gujarat
Aalima Ahemed from Vadodara Gujarat

Special programme for "Meri kahani, Meri Zubani,
The reality of story.. with
Dr Roshan Jahan ...
Really Dil se khusi huyi k ALLAH ka itna aazmayish k bawazood v Uper wale ki marzi ko apni two leg ko ye kuch v nhi,,, ye bolne keliye zigar sikha humne, Aur ALLAH k jaat par bharosa rakhne ka sabaq diya hamei....
Dil se Duwa Dr. Roshan jahan ko ALLAH apki Tamam Nek khahish ko pura kare.aur kaamyab v... Aameen
Jazakallaho khairan kasirah
Dr Roshan Jahan

Role of Win Channel as Mass Media

السلام عليكم ورحمة اللة وبركاته
With due regards and reverence, I feel highly excited to convey my heartiest compliments to you for managing the Win Channel. The channel is really an ideal medium for spreading out the universal message of Islam which has been largely vitiated by various agencies working for the western version of Islam.
I am a constant viewer of your channel and I have observed that this channel is representative of lofty ideology of Islam. It is multidimensional channel covering numerous facets of Islamic education and rich cultural legacy _ the Quran , hadith , history, ethics and current affairs of Islamic world. It lays stress on Shia _ Sunni unity and explains the commonalities to both the regrets.This is the real message of the household of our beloved Prophet ( PBUH)
Your publications regarding biographical sketches of Ahl Bait and their teachings do present the real Islam.We are proud of the glorious cultural legacy of Islam which is only path for the humanity to achieve salvation. Since the humanity is presently overshadowed by the murky atmosphere of materialism, there is a need to get light from the threshold of Prophethood. The Quran says
لقد كان لكم في رسول الله اسوة حسنة.
لقد من الله علي المؤمنين اذ بعث فيهم رسولا من أنفسهم يتلوا عليهم اياته و يزكيهم و يعلمهم الكتاب والحكمة.
You should extend and widen the scope of your progammes further by discussing the philosophy of Islam and famous scholars, though you shed light on life and achievements of Islamic scientists. However you can include the following scholars as well.
شیخ کلینی.شیخ صدوق. شیخ طایفه.شیخ مفید.علم الهدی سید شریف رضی.سید ابن طاوس .علامه طبرسی.شهید اول. شهید ثانی.شیخ حسن.علامه حلی.نصیر الدین طوسی.علامه شوستری.ابن سینا ابن رشد.غزالی.فارابی.ابن خلدون وغیره
Lastly I would request you to introduce 20th century Islamists particularly Dr Iqbal who has a special appeal for Muslim youth.I would quate one of his quatrians in ارمغان حچاز
قلندر میل تقریری ندارد
بجز این نکته اکسیری ندارد
ازان کشت خرابی حاصلی نیست
که اب از خون شبیری ندارد
Yours sincerely
Gh. Mohammed Khan
Budgam Kashmir
khanmohmad100, Fri, 9 Mar 2018


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