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Holy Prophet (s.a.w.s) said: "Husain is from me and I am from Husain." (Musnad Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, v4, p172) * We appeal to all Momineen & Momenaat around the world to join hands in MUHARRAM 2018 CAMPAIGN....Donate Generously

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Today's Program Schedule

Islam Aur Muashra

by: Mau. Hasan Kumaili

IND02:00 PM PAK01:30 PM UAE12:30 PM UK08:30 AM NY/CA03:30 AM AUS06:30 PM


by: Mau. Ahmed Ali Abedi

IND02:30 PM PAK02:00 PM UAE01:00 PM UK09:00 AM NY/CA04:00 AM AUS07:00 PM

Darse Quran

by: Mau. Ghulam Abbas & Bro. Irfan Abbas

IND03:00 PM PAK02:30 PM UAE01:30 PM UK09:30 AM NY/CA04:30 AM AUS07:30 PM


Short Film

IND03:35 PM PAK03:05 PM UAE02:05 PM UK10:05 AM NY/CA05:05 AM AUS08:05 PM

Social Justice

by: Mau. Kalbe Sadiq

IND04:00 PM PAK03:30 PM UAE02:30 PM UK10:30 AM NY/CA05:30 AM AUS08:30 PM

Basharat e Munji

Urdu Serial Episode 08

IND05:15 PM PAK04:45 PM UAE03:45 PM UK11:45 AM NY/CA06:45 AM AUS09:45 PM

Har Roz Quran aur Itrat ke Sath

by: Mau. Roohe Zafar

IND05:55 PM PAK05:25 PM UAE04:25 PM UK12:25 PM NY/CA07:25 AM AUS10:25 PM

Tilawat e Quran

by: Ustad Parhezghar

IND06:05 PM PAK05:35 PM UAE04:35 PM UK12:35 PM NY/CA07:35 AM AUS10:35 PM

Fawaid ul Quran

by: Mau. Abid Raza

IND06:50 PM PAK06:20 PM UAE05:20 PM UK01:20 PM NY/CA08:20 AM AUS11:20 PM

Islam in Bangla

by: Mau. Shk. Sabir Raza

IND07:10 PM PAK06:40 PM UAE05:40 PM UK01:40 PM NY/CA08:40 AM AUS11:40 PM

Islam Aur Muashra

by: Mau. Hasan Kumaili

IND08:00 PM PAK07:30 PM UAE06:30 PM UK02:30 PM NY/CA09:30 AM AUS12:30 AM


by: Mau. Ahmed Ali Abedi

IND08:30 PM PAK08:00 PM UAE07:00 PM UK03:00 PM NY/CA10:00 AM AUS01:00 AM

Social Justice

by: Mau. Kalbe Sadiq

IND09:05 PM PAK08:35 PM UAE07:35 PM UK03:35 PM NY/CA10:35 AM AUS01:35 AM

Basharat e Munji

Urdu Serial Episode 09

IND10:05 PM PAK09:35 PM UAE08:35 PM UK04:35 PM NY/CA11:35 AM AUS02:35 AM

Five Controversial Questions on Imam Husain (a.s)

by: Mau. Shk. Mohammed Hilli

IND11:00 PM PAK10:30 PM UAE09:30 PM UK05:30 PM NY/CA12:30 PM AUS03:30 AM


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